What’s this for?

Hi everyone.Β  My name is Dr. Mike Wright PT, DPT, ATC and I work as an outpatient physical therapist at Greensboro Physical Therapy in Greensboro, NC.Β  I am excited to have been given the opportunity to give you an insight in the world of marathon training.Β  As a part of the process of this blog, I will be detailing a variety of things such as training runs, pertinent physical therapy related information, home life and much more.Β  The premise of the blog is multi – faceted: I want it to be informative regarding health and exercise, insightful into what marathon training actually entails, encouraging to those who have dreams/goals regarding fitness, helpful for those who have injury, and, at the bare minimum, comical and entertaining.Β  I hope to provide an interesting read for you, and encourage you to share with those you know that might find it interesting.Β  I look forward to what lies ahead.

-Mike W.