The Time is (Almost) Nigh

Race day is almost here.  As I type this, the countdown on the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Savannah Page says 2 days and 15 hours until the start gun goes bang.  It is hard to comprehend that a random conversation with Kenny during a RunnerDude RunTheBoro run 20 weeks ago has led me to this start line.  Let’s take a look at the numbers.

0 – Haircuts during training

1 – Entry to Savannah Rock n’ Roll Marathon

1 – Wife who is awesome

2 – Pairs of Brooks GTS Adrenaline 17s required for training

3 – Instances of major trips over broken concrete sidewalks, almost resulting in hand scraps and face plants.

3 – Graceful recoveries after said trips without falls or injury to report.

3:59:59 – Finish goal time for marathon

5 – Lbs lost from start of training to this point (Least amount lost during any previous long duration training)

6 – Avg. Number of Eggs consumed during post long run breakfast on Saturdays

9 min 10 sec – Race pace per mile required for goal time

9 min 13 sec – Average pace of training (all miles trained/ duration).  It is incredible to me that this time is almost exactly what the race pace time should be for run.

10 – Hours of driving to and from Savannah for the event this weekend

18 – Weeks of Training, consisting of 18 Saturdays of waking at 5 am

19 – Miles it took for one post run panic session about ability to do 4 hours or less

68 hrs 43 mins – Amount of Time spent during training

81 – Race Day High Temperature 😦

448.1 – Miles of Training

780 – Calories in a Five Guys Bacon Burger, traditional post race meal to be consumed

As race weekend approaches, I am entirely convinced that group training is the best way to train for these things.  The amount hours of training passes so much better with having some good friends around you.  They help pick you up along the way, and sometimes you can help pick them up as well.  The plan makes the training as well, so thank you Thad.  This also couldn’t happen without the support of my wife, allowing me to spend that 68 hrs of running (remember I have a young one at home).

Check out my Instagram for some reports from race weekend.  Be sure to give a follow and check out the MyStory as well as posts.

There lies one major challenge on this journey:  26.2 miles.  Suit up!




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